Teaching children


FOLGARIA Ski and Snowboard School, has obtained certification with the Gold Quality Mark for teaching children, as it complies certain characteristics.

Here’s how we take care of our little skiers:

  • We organize ski courses for children during morning hours from 10.00 to 12.50.
    Not too early to facilitate the awakening of child, while taking advantage of the hours of maximum attention and learning.
  • We provide children with a “first steps” school camp, on a slight slope, with suitable fencing and safety signs, set up with routes suitable for children, with obstacles, humps on a set path.
  • We have equipped the school field with cones, arches, poles to encourage children to learn.
    At their disposal three moving carpets for the ascent.
  • At the end of each ski course we organize a competition to make children aware of what they have learned, giving life to a healthy and stimulating spirit of competition.
  • We make all children wear the identification jacket.
  • We specialize in teaching children.
    All the teachers attended the training classes for child teaching.
  • We have diversified the ski classes to offer more possibilities to young skiers: ski classes of 2.45 / h for the older ones and mini classes of 1.50 / h for the little ones.
Our courses

sport and entertainment in a single solution

The School will make available to its kind customers all the experience and professionalism of its teachers who have been operating on the Folgaria plateau for many years.