Our History

Once upon a time…

 In Folgaria during the first decades of the 20th century, when the ski lifts were only mirages, the tracks were just occasional slopes, the equipment and the clothes were very modest, the skis made of wood with some iron pieces as couplings, the  figure of the ski teacher was born and was considered as a mountain figure.

About us

Our history

Thanks to the technological progress the first plants were built: the first single-seater chairlift that enabled skiers to go up back to the top of the slopes without effort.

At that time also the figure of the ski teacher began developing, realizing a statute on his own, regulated with the issue of a License.

That’s how in the 50’s our ski school was born, the first one in the plateau, with the goal of spreading the ski teaching to the growing number of tourists, thanks to the first five teachers of that time.

Today the school offers more than 100 ski and snowboard teachers, prepared and specialized in teaching children and disabled, in different foreign languages. The school offers also lessons of telemark techniques, freestyle ski and snowboard and preparation for competitions.